Hi!, I'm Robin Jensen and I'm a drawer of images. I call my images Pictojaunts- "a joyful picture journey, an adventure."

 The thematic approach of all my art I call Jauntin', which I define as "a life journey, full of creative adventures, glorifying growth, and wonderful surprises."

  Jazz Music is the main metaphor I use to express this theme which includes expressions of fantasy, dreaming, surprises, and life journeys.

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Robin and his dragon friend Thermopuce 

Current Musings and Ponderings...!

 TangoJava Art Gallery... Celebrating the life of a lovely daughter and sharing artist...    Tania K. Jensen

Visit the "Eggplant in the Sky..." Gallery at the RobinJaunt site...!


The "Jauntin'- about my Art" link on the right presents information on how I create my art, sizes available and the purchase prices.

Check out my new PictoJaunt Poetry at the RobinJaunt Galleries...

VinculumArt Gallery !  In response to the tragic terrorist attacks of September 11, I was compelled to create an artwork expressing this terrible tragedy, and a new gallery dedicated to a series of expressions that will respond to events in our life journey that bond us together.

Two new Pictojaunts have been added to the JazzArt Gallery: A memorial tribute to John Lewis of the Modern Jazz Quartet and West Michigan jazz pianist, John Shea. Dig!

The BicycleArt Gallery now has a real "animated" bicyclist ! and two new drawings.

Four new dragons have arrived in the DragonArt Gallery including Schmooze, the good twin of Smaug, the Dreaded, from "The Hobbit."

Check out the "ZucchiniArt Gallery" and see how a zucchini I met in an Italian restaurant inspires some of the ideas for my art expressions.

"I always try to draw just enough to say more!"


JazzArt Gallery

Jauntin'- about my Art

Info on how I create my art, sizes available and prices.


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ZucchiniArt Gallery

VinculumArt Gallery

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