I have always been a "full-time" image maker beginning as a child. Since graduating with a B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Ohio University, I have been an Artist/Illustrator in the Air Force, a Graphic Designer, a High School Art Teacher, and a Professor of Art at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am now a Professor of Art, Emeritus after teaching art at Calvin College for 31 years. My art has been in many competitions and local, regional, and national exhibits over the  years.

The thematic approach of all my art I call Jauntin, which I define as " a life journey, full of creative adventures, glorifying growth, and wonderful surprises." Jazz music is the main metaphor I use to express this theme which includes expressions of the Blues, fantasy, dreaming, surprises, life journeys, and jauntin adventures. The joy, hope and faith of an exciting Christian life inspires and shapes the images and ideas of my computer mediated drawings and photographs.

I call my compositions Pictojaunts : A joyful picture journey. On this journey, I attempt to express visually with my drawings and photographs the sounds and energy of the ideas as well as human hope, faith and incongruities in our life adventure with unique symbolism and images of transmogrification .

Computer Mediated Drawing- The images are drawn with a magic stylus on a mystical drawing board, appear on a computer monitor screen, travel into another dimension, and re-enter this world through a color ink jet printer. The computer is an art tool that sets my creativity soaring and allows me the freedom to attempt exciting possibilities of image and idea in my expressions. I draw just enough to say more!

Limited edition color prints are signed and numbered in editions of 48 in various sizes. The art is printed with an Ink Jet Printer at high resolution on art quality papers. The prints are normally matted with white 100% rag museum board and framed in standard metal frames available in colors and metallic finishes.

The prints are also available without mats or frames. Prices and sizes are listed  below....Prices include shipping!  (Less if delivered  locally or picked up)         

E-mail me for more information at robinjaunt@aol.com   

Prints will always be replaced if they ever fade or are damaged for any reason.

Sizes and Prices...

Standard Horizontal Pictojaunts printed at 10.3 x 13.3, matted and framed at 16 x 18 inches.  Price: $75.00, Print only- $50.00.  Also printed at  13.3 x 17.3, matted and framed at 19 x 22 inches. Price: $150.00, Print only- $100.00.               

Extended Horizontal Pictojaunts :  printed at 13.6  x 21, matted and framed at 20  x 26 inches. Price: $175.00, Print only- $125.00 

Vertical Format Pictojaunts : printed at 13.3 x 18, matted and framed at 18 x 24 inches.              Price: $150.00, Print only- $95.00                      

Note: All Pictojaunt formats can be printed to almost any size relationship on request.!

Send me an Email... to make a comment or inquire about a purchase.

Payment can be made through a PayPal Email Invoice - all major credit cards accepted!

All Art protected by a Sorcerer's spell if the eighth commandment doesn't apply.

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