(Vinculum: a unifying bond) "Events and Concerns in our Life Journey that Bond us together."

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5-Dove-2a-4d2.jpg (45487 bytes)



"God's Holy Spirit, our Comforter, is always with us..."

I was compelled by the tragic terrorist events of September 11 to create this artwork expressing the comfort God offers us through prayer during times that are difficult to comprehend. The symbols I have used are- the dove for the Holy Spirit, the colors and flowing shapes in the background for God, the Father and the cross in the wreckage for Jesus our Redeemer. Praying hands rise up to God. Also note  the new growth at the bottom left.

5-BLUES-5d.jpg (54620 bytes) "The September Eleven Blues..."

Jazz musicians have traditionally played the "Blues" to express their concern for cruel conditions and tragic events in life. This is a variation on another "Blues" Pictojaunt.

5-Dreaming-of-Flying.jpg (60541 bytes) "Dreaming of Flying..."

During the Korean war I was stationed at an isolated Air Force base far from Korea in Greenland. It was not Green! I worried about the guys in Korea...it was not green. Now I pray for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan... not green! I had dreams of flying... to somewhere else...somewhere green. I'm sure the troops today dream of flying somewhere else...somewhere green!

Check out my poem on "Dreaming of Flying..." at the Eggplant in the Sky Gallery.

1Dragonfly Hope.jpg (149463 bytes)

"Hope... Transformation... Joy..."    

Living in dark, watery environs in the mundane larval stage for it's first years, the dragonfly nymph finally emerges into the bright atmosphere and laboriously breaks out of it's larval shell to transform into a beautiful, terrestrial, flying creature, the Dragonfly! Allegorical interpretations are welcome... Mine is John 3: 3-6.


5-Angel-FW-V.jpg (91201 bytes) "She was an artist, but lonely..."

An artist can be successful with great potential, but be lonely and sad. She was an imaginative photographer who sometimes took very expressive photographs of herself wearing angel wings. She ended her life at 23.


1Psalm 96.jpg (132463 bytes) "Let the earth be glad..."   Psalm 96:11-13. 

The earth is a wonderful and fantastic creation... we should take care of it with joy...

5-God's-Grandeur-3.jpg (41528 bytes)

God's-Grandeur-Ecard.gif (10194 bytes)

"God's Grandeur...

"Click to read the poem "God's Grandeur" by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889)

5-Invisible-Man.jpg (83884 bytes) "The Invisible Man Walked By..."

Homeless people become invisible in many communities...

5-Angel-3-V.jpg (86927 bytes) "No one seemed to care..."

She was in a terrible situation with no hope, but no one seemed to care...

5-Sg-Sax-2c-12-06.jpg (69672 bytes) "John Coltrane...A Love Supreme..."

John Coltrane went through many struggles , but after an enlightening religious experience he praised God with his jazz compositions and played his saxophone to His glory. His composition, "A Love Supreme"  stands out as a key recording expressing his devotion to God, making him a saint to many jazz lovers. There is a Saint John Coltrane Christian Church in San Francisco.

5-Compassion...jpg (65745 bytes) "Compassion..."

There was a newspaper article some years ago about elderly, poor people on welfare dieing in hospital emergence rooms in their wheelchairs, waiting to be treated.

5-Reaching-Out.jpg (66131 bytes) "He kept reaching out..."

He was a different kind of guy... people just ignored him... 

5-Struggle-for-Peace-2.jpg (100380 bytes) "The 'Uncertainty Principle,' the Struggle for Peace..."

A Dove of peace struggles in a technological environment that rejects God's guidance. The methods the world employs to achieve peace prove unsuccessful when the methods employed cause unpredictable changes in the circumstances. The Uncertainty Principle in quantum mechanics states that increasing the accuracy of measurement of one observable quantity increases the uncertainty with which other quantities may be known. Werner Heisenberg, 1927. 

5-Window-V.jpg (58369 bytes)  


"Window Fence..."

Sometimes it seems safer to watch the world from behind a window...



5-Miles1b-V.jpg (81941 bytes) "He was black and angry..."

Miles Davis , a legend in the world of jazz, sometimes played his music in anger relating to social conditions.

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