1J Lewis 4.jpg (124943 bytes) "John Lewis 'dreaming'..." A tribute to the director and co-founder of the Modern Jazz Quartet who died in March, 2001. His delicate and sparkling jazz piano sounds will live on!     (Click on image for large pic) 1JShea piano 3d.jpg (137423 bytes) "Jazz piano fantasy..." The delicate, but swinging jazz improvisations by John Shea, a West Michigan jazz pianist, are introspective, wide ranging, and travel through portals into fantasy dimensions.
1Bird6db4.jpg (93244 bytes) "Charlie'Bird' Parker always flew in other dimensions..." The "Bird", 1920-1955, one of the most imaginative sax soloists in the history of jazz, is still a fantastic force in contemporary jazz today. 1Mingus5c.jpg (77787 bytes) "Mingus Mingus Mingus..." The dynamic and fantastic jazz compositions by Charles Mingus inspired this fantasy environment with Charles and his double bass at one with a unique gum tree. His sometimes angry, but mostly joyful jazz inspires my imagination.
1Daveb2.jpg (167118 bytes)

"Dave Brubeck and his magic piano soars..." Dave's experiments with unusual time signatures and classical devices has created a special jazz sound. I sketched his combo on the back of a program at a concert and worked it into my computer.

1JohnC7.jpg (128067 bytes)  "A love supreme ll..." After an enlightening religious experience, John Coltrane praised God with his jazz compositions, and played his saxophone to His glory. His composition "A love supreme" made him a saint to many jazz lovers.
1Johnc8h1.jpg (151095 bytes) "A love supreme lll..." I was inspired to draw another version of this title by the fantastic layering, textures, and collage effects possible with computer mediated drawing. 1Birdsax3a.jpg (152876 bytes) "Birdsax..." In this fantasy composition, I drew Charlie"Bird" Parker as a combination bird and saxophone flying high and into alternate dimensions. The electrical environment expresses Charlie and my computer art.
1JohnC2b1.jpg (116738 bytes) "Meditations...soprano sax dreaming..." John Coltrane, 1926-1967, played his saxophone as if he were on a spiritual journey to another dimension. His quest was to glorify God with his jazz music compositions. 1LennieT4a.jpg (104972 bytes) "Jazz piano dreaming..." Lennie Tristano, although blind physically, exhibits a deep, introspective vision of the jazz sounds and expressions of the piano in a mysterious and imaginative manner.
1Jshea4a.jpg (141711 bytes) "Keyboard dreaming..." The joyful and mysterious sounds of jazz musicians improvising, discovering, searching, and struggling, inspire me in my struggles with visual art expressions. 1Oscar2c.jpg (123971 bytes) "Oscar Peterson wails..." Oscar is a virtuoso jazz pianist with great harmonic insight and fantastic concepts of textures, rhythm, and patterns. I have attempted to express these characteristics in this composition.
1FatsNav.jpg (157986 bytes) "Fats Navarro wailed..." Though he died at the age of 26, in 1949, Navarro continued to influence later jazz trumpet musicians with his deft phrasing and his passionate bebop solos. 1Psax2.jpg (166073 bytes) "Other dimensional improvisations..." In this composition, I tried to express the always surprising oneness of two or more jazz musicians working together in imaginative, creative improvisations.
"Dreaming": The use of the term "dreaming" as part of some of the titles of my art does not refer to the state of dreams or           unreality, but as the Aboriginal people of Australia use it to refer to a state of a reality beyond the mundane.

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