What can I say about a zucchini that hasn't already been said? A whole lot! I thought eggplants were the only creative, happy veggies until I met my first zucchini in an Italian restaurant. It had this great big smile on it's face. I think it was it's face. Green! That's one of my favorite colors. Talk about bold! This zucchini had the guts to take the place of meat in the lasagna. And, it was excellent. That's giving your all for art. Thus, the zucchini is the inspiration for many of my wild art explorations and statements. Just click on the images below to share some of my interests, fantasies and concerns...

1Flying4.jpg (123141 bytes) "Dreaming of Flying..." I do have dreams of flying at times. It started when I was stationed in Greenland at an isolated Air Force base. And, I do mean Isolated! 1Badm1b.jpg (104845 bytes) "Smashing the bird blues..." Playing badminton is wild and fantastic. The game has so many moves and shots. But, I do worry about that poor bird! I still try to smash it!
1Franw2.jpg (143501 bytes) "Tree angel..." The trees in Australia are fantastic. It didn't take much imagination to see angels living in the Gum trees. 1Moldb3.jpg (59063 bytes) "Moldy baloney U.F.O." I saw this strange object somewhere in the skies in northwestern Ohio on a bicycle tour. I did not see it land.
1Adams4.jpg (122681 bytes) "Ansel Adams in the land of three suns..." Ansel Adams has always been an inspiration to photographers with his bold explorations in strange places. 1Golem11b.jpg (147259 bytes) "Golem, truth and freedom..." This contemporary Golem created with wires and circuits, ponders and reacts to reality, truth and faith in existence, and burns for freedom. 
1Garden2.jpg (98879 bytes) "The fantasy garden..." I like mysterious places, gardens, forests, secluded areas, dragon sites...an area that surprises me with fantastic animals and plants. What a joy!  1Bat-1d1b-2.jpg (68253 bytes) "Night flight...jazz sounds at twilight..." Somewhat like the jazz musician, the leaf nose bat creates his wild and special sounds flying at night. One of God's most unique creatures.
zucchini (zoo-ke'ni), n. a variety of green-skinned summer squash,  shaped somewhat like a cucumber. 1Dance8.jpg (135344 bytes) "Dance for joy II..." The abstract movements of dancing can express the basic human desire to communicate the joy of existence in God's fantastic world. 1BLUES 4.jpg (118467 bytes) "Blues for the homeless..." The suffering and emptiness of homeless people is depicted by the empty shopping cart with hope symbolized by the butterflies and the jazz musicians.
1Jonah12.jpg (178365 bytes) "Jonah, hot and bothered" Jonah argued with God, not understanding God's love for all people. This scene is from the fourth chapter of the book of Jonah where God has a worm kill a plant that was shading Jonah to teach him a lesson about love in a humorous way. 1Fish1a.jpg (181585 bytes) "Living water..." There are many wonderful symbols in the bible relating to God's relationship to man. In this composition, I use symbols from John 7:37-39, to express the "rivers of living water." I have superimposed the images with an abstract depiction of the crucifixion.
Golem: an ancient Jewish legend, is an artificial being created by man with magic to be a saving force. Made with various odd materials, the Golem is activated with the Hebrew letters EMET  inscribed on the forehead. The Golem usually turns on his creator when he discovers that he is not fully human. 




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